Beta version 0.89 build 20090927.
  • Upgraded to Java 6.
  • Generally updated application to work with latest JVM.
  • Renamed application to GlobalMentor Reader.
Beta version 0.82 build 20060504.
  • Fixed java.util.ArrayList error resulting from change in XPath processing.
  • Fixed stylesheet loading error.
Beta version 0.81 build 20050221.
  • Re-enabled linked stylesheet and local style support.
  • Re-enabled OEB out-of-spine content.
Beta version 0.80 build 20050129.
  • Rewrote pagination functionality and upgraded to Java 5.0.
  • Added default style for XHTML <cite> element.
  • Removed predefined layouts.
  • Moved display setting storage to preferences (e.g. the registry on Windows).
  • Implemented XHTML ordered and unordered list contextual marker rendering based upon nesting depth.
  • Fixed page break views to be invisible.
  • Added recognition of MIME media types for the WAV (audio/x-wav), MP3 (audio/mpeg), and Ogg Vorbis (application/ogg) content types.
Beta version 0.76 build 20020531.
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly calculated CSS relative font sizes such as those for headings.
  • Brought back hyperlink support for non-OEB XHTML content.
  • Implemented new modularized hyperlink framework to allow pluggable hyperlink functionality for different XML vocabularies.
  • Brought back support for nested inline styles.
  • Added support for CSS page-break-after: always.
  • Allowed caching of audio clips.
  • Added support for WAV, MP3, and Ogg Vorbis audio formats.
Beta version 0.75 build 20020421.
  • Added applet audio support.
  • Fixed bug that prevented embedded sounds from being played twice.
  • Improved applet and other component handling; components and applets are now only created when needed.
  • Added RDF property discovery for XML documents.
  • Added enhanced image viewing user interface.
  • Added RDF-based document property browsing.
  • Converted OEB publication loading to use XPackage natively, even for OEBPS 1.x publications.
  • Fixed bug that would not display images and other empty elements wrapped in anonymous block elements.
  • Changed document-building process to be more implementation agnostic for later DOM plugability.
  • Replaced style application engine with one that is generic and dynamically re-applicable.
  • Allowed element structure to more accurately represent original content, using runtime style-based rendering rather than content manipulation.
  • Replaced hard-coded OEB code with generic namespace-based XML vocabulary loading.
  • Corrected bidi code back up to the level of original Swing support for custom glyph painting.
Beta version 0.60 build 20010810.
  • Corrected inline styling of runs within tables.
  • Fixed foreground and background attribute rendering of inline style runs.
  • Added CSS styling of tables.
  • Stopped several benign exceptions related to repaginating and information loading timing.
Beta version 0.59 build 20010714.
  • Fixed bug that ignored HTML/OEB <br> elements.
Beta version 0.58 build 20010710.
  • Added decorative spine.
  • Fixed loading of images and applets relative to their owner document locations.
  • Fixed skipping of CSS comments, media rules, font face rules, and at rules while parsing.
  • Fixed parsing of multiple CSS values with quoted strings, such as font family lists.
  • Added automatic fallback for image-based <object> elements.
  • Added automatic inclusion of out-of-spine OEB documents.
Beta version 0.57 build 20010625.
  • Added initial support for Question and Test Interoperability (QTI).
  • Added initial support for the CSS em length.
  • Added support for elements with css display: none.
Beta version 0.56 build 20010610.
  • Added fractional text metrics layout for more accurate positioning.
  • Added rendering of horizontal rules.
  • Added context-sensitive bookmark and highlighted annotation removal.
  • Added highlighted annotations.
  • Added context-sensitive word definitions linked to the web.
  • Added context-sensitive bookmark insertion.
  • Added context-sensitive image viewing.
  • Added context-sensitive popup menus.
Beta version 0.55 build 20010602.
  • Aligned numbered list markers.
  • Reduced size of the disc list item marker.
  • Added ability to display images that are link targets.
  • Added a new lightweight, intuitive XML format for configuration and data files.
  • Add automatic backup and recovery for configuration and data file access.
Beta version 0.54 build 20010509.
  • Added automatic bookmark saving capability.
  • Fixed bookmark menu page number update after repagination.
  • Added bookmark menu text display.
  • Added bookmark naming capability.
  • Fixed bug that would continue processing mouse clicks after hyperlink traversal (e.g. displaying images after page turns).
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent loading an XML DTD from an HTTP URL from inside a zip file.
Beta version 0.53 build 20010504.
  • Fixed a bug that did not hide applets when repaginating.
  • Fixed bug that did not correctly paint images after loading in some cases.
  • Fixed bug that preventing highlighting in certain cases.
  • Added hard-coded DTDs for certain public IDs, reducing network access and guaranteeing DTD avaialility.
  • Added DTD caching for faster multi-document loading.
Beta version 0.52 build 20010429.
  • Added case-insensitive search and search again capabilities.
  • Added bookmark location indications.
Beta version 0.51 build 20010426.
  • Added capability to browse to external links using a browser.
  • Added underlining.
  • Added background colors.
  • Improved table layout.
Beta version 0.50 build 20010408 (first beta version).
  • Created new pagination algorithm which uses less resources and allows interaction during pagination.
  • Added zoom capability.
  • Added list item marker painting.
  • Added superscript and subscript capability.
  • Changed image and font caching to allow memory freeing when needed.
  • Added progress bar.
  • Fixed table width calculation bug.
  • Added margin support.
  • Added preliminary keep together functionilty with CSS page-break-after: avoid, initially applied only to header elements.
  • Added blockquote margins.
  • Added better quality image reduction.
  • Changed main frame actions so that the book always receives focus back.