GlobalMentor Announces Interactive Learning Software Suite

CHELSEA, OK, USA — February 2, 2004 — GlobalMentor, Inc. today announced its next-generation interactive learning software, GradeScan™ Suite Decade Edition. Representing over 10 years of experience and research, GradeScan™ Suite Decade Edition is GlobalMentor's collection of software components for managing the entire learning process, whether deployed within a classroom setting or used a vehicle for self-teaching. The initial GradeScan™ Suite modules are now ready for testing, and are being distributed for free.

GradeScan™ Suite is made up of several components, each useful on its own, which together constitute a cohesive solution to managing the educational environment. Central to the suite is the new version of the Marmot™ information manager. The new version of Marmot™ includes support for GlobalMentor's educational activity specification, the Mentoring Activity and Query-Response Ontology (MAQRO). Also included in the suite is Mentoract™, which interactively displays educational content created using Marmot™.

The components of the GradeScan™ Suite can be used on various platforms and allow representation of multiple languages. The GradeScan™ software uses international, open standards for data storage, promoting interoperability.

About GlobalMentor, Inc.

GlobalMentor, Inc. is an international education technology company and has participated in the Open eBook Forum, the World Wide Web Consortium, and the Unicode Consortium. For more information, contact or visit GlobalMentor's web site at The new GradeScan™ Suite components, now entering the first public testing phase, are available for free at